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Welcome To Georgous George Online

Welcome To Georgous George Online!

Welcome. Some of you may already know me (not personally) if you've been to my other 3 websites. Cristi'z Info, Kidmans World, and Face Full Of Stuff. Well, Face Full Of Stuff will be breifly taken down for repairs. So I thought to myself, why not do a page for one of the sexiest women to ever be on WCW. (I'm not gay, no offense to those who are, but it's true. She was and is, I think a stripper) So here I am, making this Georgous George website. But, there will be no pix of G.G. while doing her job. (stripping. sorry men, I don't promote porn, and all that stuff! I'm only 13 ya know!)

Anything New With Stephanie?

Stephanie Bellars (Georgous George) is not working with any wrestling company that I know of right now. Randy Savage's contract expired from WCW, and when that happened it was rummored that he and George split. Later, George was found working for ECW. She left that job, and I think she went back to stripping around the country. It's said that she makes lots of money for it.

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