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Stephanie Bellars is a 23 year old (in 2001) luscious blonde bomb-shell ex-stripper who hails from Sarasota Florida and is the real-life girlfriend of wrestler Randy 'Macho Man' Savage.
When Gorgeous George first appeared with Randy we only got a few brief glimpses of her until her Advance Auto Parts commercial for the WCW Winston Cup Car - for pics Click Here. Her major debut was at the WCW Spring Stampede PPV. Looking scrumptious in a hot pink dress we really got to see very little of her since Randy was only the guest ref instead of a participant in the title match between Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, Sting and DDP.

After being fired by Ric Flair in May '99, Randy stated to Ric that he would "put my girl up against your girl" as he pointed to referee Charles Robinson. IT was decided that the only way Macho could be reinstated was for George to beat Charles at the Slamboree PPV. With everything on the line George wasted no time getting great trainers - Madusa & Starla Saxton (Miss Madness/Mona) who did their job and showed George enough to get the win.

In August of '99 at the Road Wild PPV Gorgeous George made one of her last appearances. She insured that Randy got the win over Dennis Rodman by him a piece of chain. Not long after the PPV rumors started floating around that Randy was upset with the WCW and that he wanted out of his contract - some rumors even had him talking with Vince McMahon and that the WWF was interested in picking up both Randy and George. Right after the 'Power's To Be' joined WCW Vince Russo stated that he had no intentions of letting Randy go, but then a week later Randy came on the show and made it quite clear that he was not going to let anyone tell him what he could or could not do. That was the last we saw of both Randy and Gorgeous George. Another rumor was circulating that FOX Broadcasting was trying to make a deal with Randy and Hollywood Hogan to start a new federation/league to be televised.

In January of 2000 it came out that Randy and George had split up as a couple. For the next several months a number of rumors were circulating about her joining the WWF and eventually the ECW. Finally in July George made her first ECW PPV appearance in a match between Tommy Dreamer and Justin Credible. Introduced as Tommy's 'Secret Weapon' she attacked both Jazz and Francine and lived to talk about it.

Georgous George's Basics

Birthplace: Rockford, IL
Birthday: August 14, 1976
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 128 lbs

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